Staying Positive

I think this is one of my biggest challenges in life right now. It’s hard to stay positive when you feel the world around you is crumbling. For instance, at this moment:

  • I am living in a city where I don’t really have friends, my best friend who did live here is now in Australia for three months.
  • I am not in the “dream job” I hoped to have. In fact, most days I dread going to work.
  • Me and the roommate aren’t getting along, or speaking for that matter.
  • I have student loans that I seem to be drowning in. I can barely afford to pay rent, yet alone the ginormous amount of loans I have.
  • Me and my boyfriend fight, it’s normal, but I would like for us to not be at each other’s throats for petty stuff.
  • In general, I feel completely and utterly alone at this point in my life.

You see how pessimistic I have become??? All I can focus on is what seems to be going wrong. Usually I would sit here and cry about it. Which doesn’t solve anything. At all. Only makes it worse.

So this is my challenge: find the positive. Like I said before, this blog is to mark a new beginning. I need to change my life around, back to a happy place. Back to a place where I enjoy being alive every single day. And I think staying positive, even when everything isn’t going my way is the place to start and the key.

So here is the list again, but with the positives:

  • Yes, my best friend is halfway around the world and I miss her like crazy. But I can still skype with her. She is also going to have some amazing stories when she gets home and I can’t wait to hear them. 🙂 …also, I want her to bring me a kangaroo.
  • Yes, it’s not my “dream job”. But I HAVE a job. There are some people I graduated with who are still looking and working in retail. I am still young. At least I have my foot in the door and can gain that experience that will lead to the job I want.
  • My roommate is one of my good friends. We met in college, went to Ireland together, and have been friends ever since. The reason we aren’t talking is because of a grudge being held. I have made it clear I let everything go, I am over the situation, and I apologized. It seems to have not been accepted and there is nothing I can do about that. It is not my fault she is still mad. I tried my best to handle conflict in an adult way, but it wasn’t reciprocated. I am the type of person to makes sure everyone around me is happy. In this situation, I tried to resolve it to make both of us happy, eventually giving into her side. I did my best. I tried. But if it doesn’t work out, then all I need to know is that I tried. This is usually a hard concept for me to grasp, but surprisingly I feel good about it. So whenever she feels like coming around, I’ll be waiting.
  • Bills, bills bills. Can’t afford to pay my bills. Seriously. I finally get a decent amount of money in my account, then it is taken away by the end of the month with the stack of bills….hard to see the positive in this. But at least I have an income to pay these bills. Yes, I am left with very little each month…but I am still left with something. Luckily I have a very supportive family that will help me out if I ever need it. Not that I ever want to ask, but if it came down to it, they will never let me drown.
  • Yes, I have boyfriend drama. I make it into a bigger deal than it really is. But I’m a girl. It’s what we do. But it is something I am working on. Coinciding with this blog, we are working on our relationship. We are both trying to be better people, nicer to each other, and showing our love more. So far it has been working. As I am trying to stay positive, I am not getting angry about little things or trying to start fights. In the end, I know we love each other, we just forget it when life gets a little crazy.
  • Lastly, I feel alone. I am in a new city (kinda…I went to college 30 minutes away), but most of my friends have graduated. How do you make new friends in a new city?? Well, this is one mission I have yet to accomplish. But I am positive that I can accomplish it…I think this can be considered a positive outlook on the situation? 🙂

Step 1: almost complete. I know this is basically just me talking to myself, but I would love any advice on how you stay positive or bring yourself up when everything seems to be going wrong.


5 thoughts on “Staying Positive

  1. Jenn, I love the idea of making a list and then remaking it in a positive way – that’s super inspiring! I need to do that more often. I was always taught to count my blessings instead of my problems, and that has helped me many times. I firmly believe in the adage, “It’ll be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” Don’t give up and don’t give in. You can do this, and this too shall pass.

    • Thanks Caty! Somehow in the past year, I forgot to keep counting my blessings. Just now realizing that I have a whole lot going for me, even though sometimes it may not seem that way. 🙂

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