Daily Prompt: Seconds!

Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail. 

via Daily Prompt: Seconds!.

I honestly have numerous occasions where I could say I had the most satisfying meal ever. But I will just give one story.

Itlay. 2010. During my semester abroad in Dublin (which I may go into detail about in upcoming posts), we, me and a friend from my home university who was also studying abroad, booked a 10 day trip to Italy. The trip was to begin in Milan and we were going to travel down Italy and end in Rome.

I know Italy is known for the delicious food, but I never comprehended that the food was going to be spectacular. Granted, at the time of the meal I am about to go in detail about, we had traveled 5 hours, gotten lost, got on the wrong bus, got lost some more, couldn’t find English speakers for the life of us, finally found where we were supposed to go, but couldn’t find the people we were supposed to meet….etc. Basically it was a long day. A long day with no food.

Finally we found who we were supposed to meet, my brother’s friend and her Italian fiance – Jocelyn and Giovanni. They both lived and worked in Milan, so they knew the area. They knew we were having a horrible first impression of the country, so they wanted to give us a taste of real Italian dining and friends.

They took us to a small Italian pizzeria for dinner with about 5 of their friends, where no one spoke English and if they did, it was very poor/broken English. Basically, we felt we were in over our heads. We had no idea what the menu said, what the people were saying, and we were sleep deprived and starving to make it worse. Jocelyn ordered a cheese pizza for us, making it a bit easier. When this pizza came out, I swear heaven’s doors opened. It was the most amazing smell that has ever touched my nose. After the first bite, it was confirmed. This was the best pizza I have ever had. The cheese melted in your mouth. The dough had just enough crispness, but wasn’t over done. Maybe it was because we had gone 12 hours with no food, but this was the most amazing meal I have ever had. To top it off, Jocelyn ordered Limoncello afterwards. Being my first time in Italy and I was only 21, I had no idea what this was. They brought out a shot glass with yellow liquid. So my first thought was, “Jocelyn is trying to get us drunk.” Just as I was about to shoot it, she quickly stopped me and told me just to sip. She then explained how it is common to drink this after dinner to help digest the food. This amazing discovery topped the night off with my tummy blissfully happy.

I must point out, that this was the only pizzeria place that actually had amazing pizza. The rest that we tried throughout Italy were not so fantastic. So, I’m not sure if it was because we were starving or if it really was the best pizza ever eaten, but Milan definitely had the best pizza on earth.

I’m serious when I say I tried pizza everywhere in Italy….



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