Happily Ever After.

It has been the busiest past two weeks. Work has been crazy, home life has been busy, and my best friend got married! I was so honored that she asked me to stand next to her on this big day. We go back to 6th grade, where we went to a private Christian school. Over the years, we ended up going to different high schools, different colleges, but still kept in touch. She was always that one friend that I knew I could call and would be there for me. During her junior year of college, she found herself pregnant and moved back home. The dad was a complete idiot and was pushed out of the picture, which was smart, but left her alone. During her pregnancy she ended up getting to know Shane, her now husband, and he stepped up for her, was there for her, and now calls himself “dad” for her little girl. You don’t find many guys that will step up like this and be there. It makes me so happy that she found her “happily ever after” she was looking for. She couldn’t ask for a better man.

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All this wedding planning going on the past month with Meagan has made me appreciate the meaning of marriage much more. I had never seriously thought about it before. Phil (my boyfriend) always “jokes” when people get married or engaged that they are “throwing their life away.” But after watching them, and witnessing how happy two people can be, I realize that it is more than just a piece of paper. They are genuinely happy. Shane has stepped up as a man and loving her child as if it were his. He is proof that there are still good men in the world. I see that they will do anything to make the other happy. Marriage isn’t just about signing a paper, getting tax breaks, or having a joint bank account. It is about living your life with someone who complements you, takes care of you, and wants to see you happy.

I never thought I would be this jealous of seeing someone get married…but I guess this is just growing up.


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