The Xx

I absolutely love this band. I have listened to them for a couple years, but recently have been getting back into them. They are on tour now, and are definitely worth checking out!


Busy Bee.

When I started this blog, I had so much on my mind and so many topics I wanted to talk about. I never thought life would get this busy and leave me with little to no time to get this blog going. But work is getting hectic, on average working over 50 hours a week. By the time I get home, after I make dinner, and clean whatever mess there is in the apartment, I just want to sleep or just relax and read. I have been so busy that there is honestly nothing of importance on my mind anymore.

I feel like I have started to go through life living in this routine of going to work, coming home, get a good half hour of actual “bonding time” with Phil, then I’m ready for bed. This is not what I was planning for in adult life.

When you have a busy work life, how do you make time for yourself? What are some things Phil and I can do together after a busy work day for both of us? Any suggestions would be helpful because this monotonous routine and lack of stimulation is beginning to wear me down.

The Melting Pot.

Not sure if everyone has heard of The Melting Pot. But it is a fondue restaurant and they have locations all over the US. Well, me and Phil decided to give it a try last Friday. It was our “montherversary”, not really an anniversary, but it marked 2 years and 3 months, so we decided to have a nice date night.

What sparked this date night was a video posted by Olan Rogers (who is hilarious). He tells an exaggerated story of his experience at The Melting Pot when he took his girlfriend. The video cracked me up and I had to show Phil. From there, we were naturally curious to experience it for ourselves.

Basically, everything Olan describes is true. The waiters come sneaking up out of the darkness. We pay a significant amount of money, only to cook our own meal, and the pillow mints are too tempting to not steal a handful.

The food was delicious. My favorite part was the chocolate fondue. I was so mad for eating too much beforehand with the cheese fondue, I didn’t get to enjoy the chocolate and desserts as much as I wanted. The only reason I would ever go back to The Melting Pot is for this chocolate fondue. Other than that, I think it was way over priced, and didn’t give you enough food for the amount on money we were spending.