Busy Bee.

When I started this blog, I had so much on my mind and so many topics I wanted to talk about. I never thought life would get this busy and leave me with little to no time to get this blog going. But work is getting hectic, on average working over 50 hours a week. By the time I get home, after I make dinner, and clean whatever mess there is in the apartment, I just want to sleep or just relax and read. I have been so busy that there is honestly nothing of importance on my mind anymore.

I feel like I have started to go through life living in this routine of going to work, coming home, get a good half hour of actual “bonding time” with Phil, then I’m ready for bed. This is not what I was planning for in adult life.

When you have a busy work life, how do you make time for yourself? What are some things Phil and I can do together after a busy work day for both of us? Any suggestions would be helpful because this monotonous routine and lack of stimulation is beginning to wear me down.


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